Flight controller

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  • The NX3 EVO Flight Controller is a fixed-wing module for 3-Axis Aircraft Gyros Flight Controller. This flight controller module features a variety of features such as:-Provides four levels of flight modes: 1-Beginner; 2-Practice; 3-Intermediate; 4-Expert, Standard fixed-wing copter; V-tail and triangle-wing, Sensitive axis adjustment potentiometer, Separate gain control for each axis, Single / Sepa copter.

     4,200.00  3,780.00
  • The Apm 2.8 Flight Controller is an ArduPilot Mega board that utilizes ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 chips from Atmel to process for better command of flight. It will be able to manage Planes, Copters and Rovers. It also applies to different DIY initiatives.

     4,800.00  4,320.00

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