Drone speed controller

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  • HW 30A ESC Module has hobbywing firmware. It has features like low voltage protection mode and gas calibration function. It is used for multirotors controllers. It has continuous current of 30A.

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  • The simonk firmware used by Simnok 30A ESC is mostly used in multirotors controller. It provides the engines a quick response. It is appropriate for helicopters with RC and four axis aircraft. No voltage cut off or cut off over temperature in this esc.

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  • Hobbywing 20A ESC is mostly used in multi-rotor controllers. It is compatible with different flight control systems. This ESC has extremely low internal resistance. It has features such as auto throttle shutdown in sigmal lose situation.

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  • 12A ESC is mainly used for velocity control in multicopters. It has functions such as protection against low voltage cut-off, protection against heat 2, protection against the loss of the throttle signal. It also helps to program the direction of the motor’s rotation. The alarm enables the device to be found.

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  • Hobbywing Skywalker 30A is a 2A 5V BEC electronic velocity controller. It has features such as setting the throttle range with protection from high voltage, over heat protection and much more. It is consistent with the battery from Lipo and NiMh.

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  • The electronic speed controller HobbyWing is water-proof and dust-proof, making it appropriate for all-time scenarios. The controller is tiny and the condenser module is built-in. It has three modes of running: forward, brake, and back. Due to automatic throttle range calibration, it is very simple to use and consists of various protective layers.

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