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  • The meter is a 31/2 digital multimeter hand held for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC present, battery-operated resistance, diode, transistor, frequency, temperature, capacity and continuity testing. The screen backlight is optional.

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  • EM33F multimeter is an instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit.It can be used to test batteries ,diodes,resistance temperature detectors,frequency, capacitance and other unlisted electrical measurements. which helps to display hold as well as auto hold and min-max-average recording and used to monitor thermocouples directly.The device are battery powered.

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  • EM33d Multimeter is an tool that incorporates several measurement features in one unit. It can be used to test batteries, diodes, temperature detectors, frequency, capacitance and other electrical measurements that are not listed. This helps to show both self hold and min-max-average recording and directly monitor thermocouples. The device is driven by the battery.

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  • The digital multimeter Elecall Em15c is the multi-functional meter that conducts special functions such as:-diode and triode testing, on / off alarm, low voltage indicator, data holding, and much more. This multimeter is intended for mobile advantages, so in one-hand hold mode it is very useful. This device is more beneficial and is applicable in various electrical fields for studying, testing voltage, testing current flow, testing resistance and so on.

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  • The multi-meter Elecall Em 15A is a kind of digital multi-meter that conducts tasks linked to alternating or continuous current flow measurement, diode continuity, on-off circuit, resistance, and much more. This unit consists of rubber housing of high quality, anti-slip, anti-dirt and no static electricity. The Elecall Em 15A is advantageous in multiple electrical field elements. It can also be applied in different types of electrical and research projects, tiny or enormous.

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  • This GPS module is equipped with a ublox 7 m compass chip. It can be used for gps characteristics like returning home and holding position in the drone in drones. Most of the flight controller is consistent with it. It involves an anti-vibration flight controller mounting kit

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  • Lipo Tester is used to detect battery voltage of 1S-8S lithium. It helps safeguard the type of battery overload and over ##flow. The buzzer with red led flash when the voltage is below the set point. The default setting is 3.3V that can be changed. This lipo tester is applicable for 1S-8S / Lipo / Li-ion / Li Mn / Li-Fe battery, RC Quad copter, helicopter, multicopter, car, boat and airplane etc.

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  • The quadcopter frame arm is used to construct a new quadcopter or to replace a quadcopter arm.

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  • One of the smoothest and most efficient engines is the SunnySky X2212-13-980kv Brushless Motor. It has a 3.17 mm hard steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and male soldered connectors with 3.5 mm gold spring. For your velocity control, it involves 3 female connectors. It is appropriate for quad copters, aircraft and so on from RC aircraft.

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  • A unique sort of material is used to create the brushless motor and it has a nice structure. The engine is very light, helping to operate effectively and prolonging flying.

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  • The Emax 1400KV Brushless Motor is a class 400 engine of 1.8 oz., 245 watt. For pusher-prop FPV aircraft, flying wings and most aircraft weighing up to 2 lbs, it is a great option. It can use a prop of 8inch. It has different features such as:-High energy and high effectiveness, Low cost with wealthy fitting, High quality bearings, Silicon steel and magnets to guarantee the motor’s functionality and durability. Various applications such as:-4 helicopter rotors, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters etc. can be appropriate.

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  • The brushless engine TURNIGY D2822/14 is a brushless engine with a KV of 1450rpm / v. At an inexpensive cost, it has outstanding efficiency, quality, and reliability. It applies to different heli-copters, quadcopters and numerous DIY initiatives.

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