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  • The meter is a 31/2 digital multimeter hand held for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC present, battery-operated resistance, diode, transistor, frequency, temperature, capacity and continuity testing. The screen backlight is optional.

     550.00  495.00
  • EM33d Multimeter is an tool that incorporates several measurement features in one unit. It can be used to test batteries, diodes, temperature detectors, frequency, capacitance and other electrical measurements that are not listed. This helps to show both self hold and min-max-average recording and directly monitor thermocouples. The device is driven by the battery.

     1,100.00  990.00
  • The digital multimeter Elecall Em15c is the multi-functional meter that conducts special functions such as:-diode and triode testing, on / off alarm, low voltage indicator, data holding, and much more. This multimeter is intended for mobile advantages, so in one-hand hold mode it is very useful. This device is more beneficial and is applicable in various electrical fields for studying, testing voltage, testing current flow, testing resistance and so on.

     1,500.00  1,350.00

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