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  • The Emax 980KV Brushless Motor is a 980 KV powered Emax XA2212 Outrunner Brushless Motor Module. It consists of multiple characteristics such as:-High energy and effectiveness, High quality bearings, Low cost with wealthy fittings, Silicon steel and magnets ensuring its functionality and durability and much more. It is mainly used in 4 rotors helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and 3D planes or puller prop trainers with a wing-span of 1 m to 1.2 m etc.

     1,800.00  1,620.00
  • The less engine X2216 880KV Sunny Sky Brush consists of parts of high quality. This engine is long lasting and effective. It is compatible with battery 3S Lithium, 30A ESC and propeller 1147. This engine has patented balancing techniques with a unique cable method. The rare earth magnets are stable up to 180°C

     3,300.00  2,970.00
  • The Non-Brand Black 1000KV Brushless Motor is a high-performance Brushless Motor Module with 14 Poles with engine layout of 12 High Torque slots. It has several characteristics such as:-High-purity copper windings that maximize effectiveness, balanced rotor accuracy, smoothness for greatest reliability and maximum speed, Super-thin (0.2 mm) stator laminations, Precision intended for maximum energy conversion and much more. This module can be appropriate for different cars, remote control toys, RC aircraft etc.

     700.00  630.00

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