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  • The NX3 EVO Flight Controller is a fixed-wing module for 3-Axis Aircraft Gyros Flight Controller. This flight controller module features a variety of features such as:-Provides four levels of flight modes: 1-Beginner; 2-Practice; 3-Intermediate; 4-Expert, Standard fixed-wing copter; V-tail and triangle-wing, Sensitive axis adjustment potentiometer, Separate gain control for each axis, Single / Sepa copter.

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  • The aircraft flight controller is a JCX-M6 flight controller module intended specifically for aircraft with a fixed wing. It can conduct flying wings, elevator, and rudders calculation where yield compensation rudder quantity for channels in real time to promote aircraft stability during flight. It has different characteristics such as:-Stunt flight help, stable flight, Independent gyro adjustment

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  • KK 2.1.5 Multi-Rotor Control Board is the next big / small development of the KK flight control boards of the first generation.or the KK experience, it uses a built-in GUI with a high-resolution mini LCD and 4 micro buttons.It is intended to provide benefits for all, not just the professionals, to take multi-rotor flight.The gyro system has been updated to an extremely delicate 6050 MPU system.

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  • The 10D0F Naze 32 Flight controller is a flight controller that can be used for clean flight firmware for afro flight FPV QAV250 ZMR250 or base flight.It is intended to use indoor or small to medium-sized multirotor outdoor crafts or to stabilize as a standalone camera.It can be used for multi-copter and DIY projects of distinct types.

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