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  • A unique sort of material is used to create the brushless motor and it has a nice structure. The engine is very light, helping to operate effectively and prolonging flying.

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  • The Emax 1400KV Brushless Motor is a class 400 engine of 1.8 oz., 245 watt. For pusher-prop FPV aircraft, flying wings and most aircraft weighing up to 2 lbs, it is a great option. It can use a prop of 8inch. It has different features such as:-High energy and high effectiveness, Low cost with wealthy fitting, High quality bearings, Silicon steel and magnets to guarantee the motor’s functionality and durability. Various applications such as:-4 helicopter rotors, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters etc. can be appropriate.

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  • The brushless engine TURNIGY D2822/14 is a brushless engine with a KV of 1450rpm / v. At an inexpensive cost, it has outstanding efficiency, quality, and reliability. It applies to different heli-copters, quadcopters and numerous DIY initiatives.

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  • The  Angel A2212-9 1400KV Brush consists of parts of high quality. This engine is long lasting and effective. This engine has 1400kv Rpm. The appropriate propellers are 8 “and 10.” IT has a maximum energy of 20A with 230W

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  • One of the smoothest and most efficient engines is the SunnySky X2212-2450kv Brushless Motor. It has a 3.17 mm hard steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and male soldered connectors with 3.5 mm gold spring. It includes 3 female connectors for your speed control. It is suitable for RC airplane quad copters, airplane and so on.

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  • The MT2204-2300kv Less Motor Brush is intended for multirotor dimensions of 200-300. The processing between prop mount holder and engine cap has been incorporated with this engine. This motor has low noise and longer lifetime with high efficiency. It is suitable for 250 mm wheelbase mini quadcopter, light weight fixed-wing copter, indoor 3D airplane

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  • The Emax 980KV Brushless Motor is a 980 KV powered Emax XA2212 Outrunner Brushless Motor Module. It consists of multiple characteristics such as:-High energy and effectiveness, High quality bearings, Low cost with wealthy fittings, Silicon steel and magnets ensuring its functionality and durability and much more. It is mainly used in 4 rotors helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and 3D planes or puller prop trainers with a wing-span of 1 m to 1.2 m etc.

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  • The Sunny Sky Brush X2212-9 1400KV less engine consists of high-quality parts. This engine is long lasting and effective. This engine has patented balancing techniques with a unique cable method. The rare earth magnets are stable up to 180 ° C

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